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Fender's New Wave Checkered Pick- A First Impression

By Music Mukbang Dad

I picked up some newly designed wave checkered picks by Fender for Zoes “Ska/Punk” playing brother. On first glance they look like a funkier version of the older checkered picks by Fender however they are very much different. This version of the 351 pick is still celluloid but the pattern is not achieved with cut black and white celluloid melted into the pick shape. These picks have a screen printed pattern. A feature or unintended characteristic of these screen printed picks is they are sticky!

So, if you like that sort of thing these might be for you, be aware these new picks run about $2 more and have 4 picks fewer per pack.

Thanks to the guys at Sound Education Brookfield, Illinois for repairing the bridge on this 1988 MIJ 62 Strat, the cicadas seem to enjoy playing it…

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